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Battlepaths Ultimate development is paused until we are done with Undead Legions 2.

Here's an overview of the many new features:



Rick will have his own manor that you can develop, decorate and buy utilities for, like crafting equipment and other yet secret devices. The manor is Rick's private retreat, so you'll always come back here after your adventures.

Potion Crafting

Rick will be able to craft summoning potions with a magic cauldron in his manor. You’ll need summoning water and creature essences for that. Several creatures can drop those essences and you might also find magic salts that can be added to make the creature to be summoned more powerful.

Creature Spawning

Creature spawning in the next Battlepaths is completely randomised and yields different types of encounters every time you start up a dungeon. Creatures are spawned in groups of varying tiers.

This time, Rick ran into a group of Goblins lead by one of over a thousand possible uber miniboss variants. Leaders may come with a Lefthand, in this case it’s a mighty Goblin carrying a cool lightning strike enchantment among others. The four minions share two of their leader’s miniboss attributes.

So far so good, but let’s not talk about Rick’s odds here.

Character Creation Screen

In Battlepaths Ultimate, you will be able to change the appearance of your character and of course, you’ll see all the equipped items on your character in the game.

Lua Scripting For Game Objects

Interactive objects in Battlepaths Ultimate are programmable via Lua scripts. Also, we’ll hand out the map editor to interested players when we are going into Alpha testing. Stay tuned!

Rick Showcase

Here is a small showcase of what Rick might look like during your adventures in Battlepaths Ultimate. This is only a small fraction of the items you can find, so there’s tons of more combinations. Still, we think we have managed to capture a pretty funny one with the last sprite.