09.06.2015 – Remastering of Undead Legions

For quite some time now, we have paused the development of Battlepaths Ultimate and instead worked on the new awesome Undead Legions which has been greenlit at the beginning of the year. Undead Legions will become much more of a totally new game rather than just a polished version for Steam. There are many new game elements, one of which are powerful magic circles that will help you fight endless hordes of yet more undead scum. These circles can be upgraded in many ways, you’ll even be able to install turrets to increase your firepower. Heroes can level up and will learn special powers along their way. There will be tons of unlockable content and we will make sure that the game continues to grow even after release by adding more types of magic circles, more power-ups, new types of enemies and much more.
Of course, we’ll get our hands back on Battlepaths Ultimate some time in the near future and we are pretty sure that it will live up to ist name in every way. Stay tuned!

08.12.2014 – Rick Showcase

Here is a small showcase of what Rick might look like during your adventures in Battlepaths Ultimate. This is only a small fraction of the items you can find, so there’s tons of more item combinations. Still, we think we have managed to capture a pretty funny one with the last sprite.

18.11.2014 – Battlepaths Ultimate: Creature Spawning

Creature spawning in the next Battlepaths is completely randomised and yields different types of encounters every time you start up a dungeon. Creatures are spawned in groups of varying tiers.

This time, Rick ran into a group of Goblins lead by one of over a thousand possible uber miniboss variants. Leaders may come with a Lefthand, in this case it’s a mighty Goblin carrying a cool lightning strike enchantment among others. The four minions share two of their leader’s miniboss attributes.

So far so good, but let’s not talk about Rick’s odds here.

09.10.2014 – Battlepaths Version 1.7 Released

The newest update for Battlepaths has just been released and features a new hardcore mode. Characters created in this mode will stay dead, but items in your stash remain so that future characters can benefit from the awesome loot acquired so far. Four new achievements have been added that can only be obtained in this mode. 

Also, we fixed an annoying bug where the game would hang when ranged creatures fought outside the viewport. 

Finally, you can now gain XP in one of the areas in the Halls of Challenge which comes in handy when going for max character level. The other areas are still the best choice to get gather your perfect equipment.