24.03.2014 – Steam is Calling!!

Steam is calling!! Battlepaths is placed #82 on Steam Greenlight, and the next batch of games will be greenlit in about two weeks. It’s a matter of a few hundred votes, so tell your buddies and help us get on Steam!

Update (31.03.2014): Thanks to your awesome support, we are now placed #65!


Meanwhile, we have ported our engine to mobiles which means that Battlepaths Ultimate is coming to PC, XBox, and your Smartphone. Thank you guys for playing our games!

04.02.2014 – Battlepaths Ultimate Progress

New Screenshots for Battlepaths Ultimate. We are working hard to make it the ultimate loot-centric 2d-Retro-RPG!


Battlepaths Ultimate combines a complex loot system that you know from games like Torchlight and Diablo with the gameplay of a classical roguelike. Battles are turn-based and give you many tactical options, depending on your specific character build. There will be more powerful skills, more types of items, more diverse types of enemies, and more to do overall. Frequent updates will make sure that you can come back and continue your quest for loot, monsters, fame, and glory over and over again!

Help us reach this goal by voting for our first installment of Battlepaths on Steam Greenlight!