11.02.2016 – Lua Integration

So, finally we’ve implemented an awesome Lua interface for the creature AI. It took us quite some time to get into the topic, because integrating Lua in a real-time engine comes with several different challenges, at least when you’ve never done this before. It turned out that the most difficult part was to maximize the performance of the Lua scripts while still offering a neat interface that you can work with when programming your AI.

We’ve actually completey redesigned the control implementation several times now, and we are very happy that we’ve found a solution that works well and pretty fast. AND we’ve made a short video showing Lua scripted AI in action:

Pretty fast means that for the bats (as in the video), using Lua yields around 95% of the performance of the corresponding hard-coded AI. The lag after spawning the 250 bats occurs due to the huge amount of simultaneous script registrations, and won’t occur in normal situations.

The next step is to further develop our Lua interface to allow for programming more complex behaviour and to clean up and refactor the current creature control implementation. Stay tuned!

12.01.2016 – Workshop Integrated – Lua Scripting For AI Up Next

The current development version of Undead Legions – Resurrection has been sent to all playtester backers from the Kickstarter campaign and they can now create their own levels and upload them to the Steam workshop. Since we want to continuously add new content to ULR after its release, we decided to make the creature AI scriptable with Lua scripts, so that gamers can program their own AI for any creatures in their levels. That way, we’ll hopefully see a huge variety in coming levels! The current AI implementation isn’t very suitable for neat Lua scripting, so we are currently refactoring quite a bit of code, but we’re sure this extra work will more than pay off once we’re done!

20.12.2015 – Integration of Steam Workshop

We took a short break after our successful Kickstarter campaign for Undead Legions – Resurrection, but we’re back on track now. The “Playtester” backers are going to get their access to the development version this week. We decided to integrate the Steam Workshop features up front, so we can easily manage their user created content. The next thing on our list is creating content for the next 10 levels, including a new boss arena.

22.08.2015 – Getting On Toward Kickstarter

Development of the Undead Legions – Resurrection goes on and we have just finished implementing all the features that we want to present in our Kickstarter campaign. Players will be able to create their own levels and share them via the Steam Workshop. During the upcoming alpha and beta phases, selected users will be able to create their own levels, some of which will be included in the final release version. Stay tuned if you don’t want to miss your opportunity!