07.04.2016 – New Environments & Lua for Workshop

Long time no see! We have been coding a lot for Undead Legions – Resurrection in the past weeks. Specifically, we’ve added scripting capabilities for Workshop levels, i.e. you can now override the creatures’ default behaviour by adding corresponding Lua script files in your level folder before uploading. Furthermore, we refactored ancient code that remained unchanged since we started working on Undead Legions Resurrection in 2015. The current implementation now supports different kinds of environments and adding new environments with new graphic sets is easy now. We might actually integrate environment customization for the Workshop in the future.

As a starter, we added a new environment, the Ice World, where you’ll fight hordes of nearly frozen Undead (who would have thought!!). This step was really overdue, we couldn’t stand seeing the same old ground textures and decorations over and over again. Ulr is a completely new game in the first place!

During our Kickstarter campaign, we anticipated March/April this year for a release, but it will certainly take a few more months before we are there. We totally underestimated the implementation of the Workshop capabilities and the Lua scripting, because we’ve never done that before. In the end, we rewrote the complete implementation for the creature controllers. The good thing is that all this now works truly awesome. Those of you who have obtained a Playtester key for the game can now subscribe to a Workshop item that we have uploaded, which overrides four different controllers with appropriate, well documented Lua scripts. Take a look at this example .lua file to get an impression of how scripting for creatures works in Ulr.

With the new framework in place we’ll get our hands back on actual game content. Stay tuned!


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