Magic Prefixes

Magic items can have up to two magic attributes, namely a magic prefix and/or a magic postfix. Here is a list of all the magic prefixes that items can have. Note that most of these will only appear on a drop when your character has reached a certain level.

+% to Armor Class

 BonusChar LevelItem Type
Protecting25% - 35%5Armor
Defending36% - 50%11Armor
Guarding51% - 65%18Armor
Shielding66% - 90%24Armor
Blocking91% - 115%30Armor

+% to Attack Rating
 BonusChar LevelItem Type
Pointing25% - 35%1Armor, Weapon, Amulet
Aiming36% - 50%11Armor, Weapon, Amulet
Targeting51% - 65%18Armor, Weapon, Amulet
Guiding66% - 90%24Armor, Weapon, Amulet
Leading91% - 115%30Armor, Weapon, Amulet

+% to Physical Damage
 BonusChar LevelItem Type
Amplifying25% - 35%5Weapon
Battering36% - 50%11Weapon
Crushing51% - 65%18Weapon
Destroying66% - 90%24Weapon
Devastating91% - 115%30Weapon

+% to Maximum Hitpoints
 BonusChar LevelItem Type
Invigorating15% - 30%10Armor, Weapon, Amulet
Reinforcing31% - 55%20Armor, Weapon, Amulet

+% Faster Special Regeneration
 BonusChar LevelItem Type
Refreshing15% - 25%1Armor, Weapon, Amulet
Replenishing26% - 35%10Armor, Weapon, Amulet
Renewing36% - 50%25Armor, Weapon, Amulet

+% to Magic Resistance
 BonusChar LevelItem Type
Glimmering15% - 25%1Armor, Weapon, Amulet
Shining26% - 35%10Armor, Weapon, Amulet
Radiating36% - 50%25Armor, Weapon, Amulet

+% to Curse Resistance
 BonusChar LevelItem Type
Diminishing15% - 25%1Armor, Weapon, Amulet
Repelling26% - 35%10Armor, Weapon, Amulet
Resisting36% - 50%25Armor, Weapon, Amulet

+% to Poison Resistance
 BonusChar LevelItem Type
Diluting15% - 25%1Armor, Weapon, Amulet
Cleansing26% - 35%10Armor, Weapon, Amulet
Purifying36% - 50%25Armor, Weapon, Amulet

X% Chance to Cast Haste on Strike
 ChanceEffectDurationChar LevelItem Type
Accelerating7% - 15%+2 Speed1501Weapon
Rushing7% - 15%+5 Speed30010Weapon
Warping7% - 15%+8 Speed45025Weapon

X% Chance to Cast Charge on Strike
 ChanceEffectDurationChar LevelItem Type
Enforcing7% - 15%+25% Physical Damage1501Weapon
Charging7% - 15%+50% Physical Damage30010Weapon
Clashing7% - 15%+75% Physical Damage45025Weapon

X% Chance to Cast Accuracy on Strike
 ChanceEffectDurationChar LevelItem Type
Brightening7% - 15%+50% Attack Rating1501Weapon
Flagging7% - 15%+100% Attack Rating30010Weapon
Locking7% - 15%+150% Attack Rating45025Weapon

X% Chance to Cast Weaken on Strike
 ChanceEffectDurationChar LevelItem Type
Enfeebling7% - 15%-2 Strength30010Weapon
Infirming7% - 15%-3 Strength45020Weapon

X% Chance to Cast Disease on Strike
 ChanceEffectDurationChar LevelItem Type
Infecting7% - 15%-2 to All Attributes30010Weapon
Pyretic7% - 15%-3 to All Attributes45020Weapon

X% Chance to Cast Slow on Strike
 ChanceEffectDurationChar LevelItem Type
Slowing7% - 15%+6 Movement Cost30010Weapon
Immobilizing7% - 15%+9 Movement Cost45020Weapon

X% Chance to Cast Sleep on Strike
 ChanceEffectDurationChar LevelItem Type
Dozy7% - 15%Sleep30010Weapon
Soporific7% - 15%Sleep45020Weapon

X% Chance to Cast Poison on Strike
 ChanceEffectDurationChar LevelItem Type
Poisonous7% - 15%50 Poison Damage Over Time3001Weapon
Noxious7% - 15%150 Poison Damage Over time30010Weapon
Toxic7% - 15%350 Poison Damage Over Time30025Weapon

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