Movement Cost

How Speed affects your character
battleInfoWhen you’re trying out the different starting builds for the first time, you might have noticed that the higher Speed of the Agility build doesn’t immediately pay off so much. The more points you put into Speed, though, the greater the effect on your character will be. To understand the mechanics behind this, you need to understand how creatures take turns in the game. It’s actually pretty simple: There is a counter running in the background that counts time units. A creature’s Movement Cost (MC) determines how many time units it has to wait before getting its next turn.This information is shown in the battle info panel during battles.

Raising Speed lowers your MC. To be precise, MC is 40 – Speed. So at Speed 8, your MC is 32. Looks like you have to spend a whole lot of points before seeing a notable increase in the turns you get, and thus a notable benefit overall. Well, that’s true for one part, but note that you can’t run away from enemies that have a lower MC than you. One point in Speed can make the difference between certain death and a narrow escape! Also note that with each point of Speed you effectively raise your damage output by an increasing amount (do the math yourself). Finally, higher Speed simply gives you more tactical options.

How fast can I get?
Speed builds will easily get their Speed to 21 or higher at some point. Their base MC is 19 or lower, which means that they are nearly twice as fast as builds that totally neglect Speed. With such a high Speed value, they are also nearly doubling their damage output, not speaking about the tactical options they have during battles. And not even speaking about how the special Haste complements a Speed build (have a look at our Specials features to learn more about specials). Okay, now you know everything what you should know about Speed, MC, and how creatures take turns. Oh yes, one last thing you should know: you can’t go below MC 4.