Passive Specials

When your character reaches level 10, you can learn your first passive special and another one when you reach level 20. Passive specials give you a permanent advantage and are independent from your attributes.


You’ll probably have difficulties finding good items for your character when you are playing for the first time. Adventuring is the first passive special you’ll be able to learn and helps you get going by increasing your chance to find magic items, giving you a 50% magic find bonus. You’ll also receive the double amount of gold from gold drops. The more gold you get, the more potions you can buy to hunt down those monsters that you wouldn’t stand a chance otherwise. Yet the best thing about Adventuring is that it enables you to swim, giving you access to quite a bunch of awesome treasure rooms that can be found in each of the realms except the Challenge Realm. And finally, being able to swim will occasionally yield more tactical options during battles.

 Natural Resistances

Natural Resistances gives you 30% resistance to magic, curse and poison. That’s pretty handy because you are not so dependent on getting resistances from your equipment anymore. Other than that, there’s not much to say about that special. Take it or leave it!


The passive specials in Battlepaths are really nice to have, but since you can only learn four specials in total, choosing one means that you’ll only be able to pick one of the advanced specials later on. We’ll have a look at those in our next Knowledge Base article.