Special Regeneration

Charging your Special Power Meter
First of all, let’s have a look at how the special meter actually recharges. Every time you attack, the special meter increases by a certain percentage. The actual percentage is the product of your current recharge base, your Willpower factor, and the current item factor. The recharge base is 0,2 and is multiplied by your current movement cost. This is done to ensure that your special doesn’t regenerate faster with lower movement cost. The Willpower factor is your Willpower divided by 16, and the item factor is the sum of your equipment’s special regeneration bonus. So at Willpower 16, with no item bonuses, you will recharge your special every 500 time units (as long as you are always attacking). This is already fast enough to have two special powers activated simultaneously (Eagle Eye and Power Strike last for 750 time units, e.g.), as long as you are attacking most of the time.