The game won’t start on Windows, why?
Battlepaths needs to have the Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0 installed.
Note that this also requires you to have the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installed which you can get here.
The installer handles the installation of the required frameworks automatically so you normally don’t have to do this on your own.

Is Battlepaths real-time or turn-based?
It seems that some people initially think that Battlepaths runs in real-time, because the character moves smoothly from tile to tile. But no, Battlepaths is turn-based. The higher a characters Speed, the more turns he will get. To be precise, there is a counter counting time units in the background. The timepoint when a creature gets its next turn depends on its Movement Cost (MC), which in turn depends on Speed. A creature with 30 MC, e.g., will be on turn every 30 time units.
The special “Haste” is a good way to decrease the movement cost, as well as items having a chance to cast “Haste” when striking. You can actually get up to 8 times faster than a character with minimal Speed when you concentrate on Speed and learn “Haste”.
Another thing important to know is that when rising Speed for the first few times, you won’t notice a big difference. The higher your Speed goes, the higher the gain in additional rounds will get. Once you’ve played a character with 20+ Speed, you’ll definitely get to appreciate this attribute.

What’s the level cap?
In version 1.4 the level cap has been increased to 32, in version 1.5 the level cap has been increased to 34.

How many specials can I learn?
Each character can learn 4 specials. Some specials can only be learned when you’ve already learned a specific special.
“Warcry” needs you to have learned “Power Strike”, for “Flash” you’ll need “Haste”, and “Health Boost” requires “Regeneration”.

Do monsters respawn?
Monsters don’t respawn during a game. However, if you quit your current game and re-enter a realm, everything is reset, as if you’ve never been there. Of course, your quest progress is saved, and you can use the village teleporters you’ve activated so far. Replaying certain maps is highly recommended when you feel you are not strong enough. You will gain additional experience and it helps you find better equipment.