We have reached another milestone and added a full fledged game mode to Undead Legions - Resurrection (ULR). The "Classic Mode" is a tribute to good old Undead Legions. It plays exactly the same as it's ancestor but we've added new types of enemies, so there's much more variation in the later waves.

In "Classic Mode", you fight through 9 increasingly difficult waves, eventually facing the evil Undead Overlord. All characters start without any upgrade (i.e. at Level 1). Sack Goblins will appear throughout the waves and provide you with indispensable character upgrades when you shoot them (which, too, gets increasingly difficult). There are no support spheres and you have two fixed skills for each character at your disposal. Power ups of all types appear randomly on the battlefield. So in contrast to the campaign mode, this game mode concentrates on the very core challenges of the game. Non-stop shooting, running into the right direction, timing your jumps, surviving !!, and desperately chasing whatever power up emerges in this chaotic undead smashing frenzy.