From now on, there will be a monthly report that recaps what we have done so far and that tells what we are planning to do in the next month. It is a summary of what you can also read in our weekly dev log. First, let's briefly look at what we currently have.

Current Status of ULR
  • a campaign mode with 18 playable, well balanced levels, including 2 challenge levels with player rewards
  • difficulty settings that also affect the amount of gold (and later items) being dropped
  • 17 different types of enemies, including 2 bosses
  • 2 playable hero classes, the Rogue and the Gunner that can be played up to hero level 10
  • 6 learnable skills for the Gunner, 5 for the Rogue
  • 7 support spheres (2 support spheres, 2 destruction spheres, 2 fortress spheres, one unlockable bonus sphere)
  • the classic mode as known from the first installment of Undead Legions with new types of enemies
  • around 2 hours of gameplay in total

We spent quite some time balancing all this and we received great feedback from our playtesters so far. So it looks like it all goes into the right direction. The challenge levels add great value to the game since they all have different kinds of setups and can play vastly different from the campaign levels.

If you want to see more of Undead Legions - Resurrection, check out the game page.

Future Work

 And now, let's summarize what we will be working on in June:

  • Items !

That's it, we're going to implement the very last game element that is still missing. That's quite a task actually. Also, we made it a bit more interesting. Players don't just find items, they find blueprints. The blueprints they found can be turned into real items at the item vendor. This approach adds another layer of excitement in your quest for precious equipment. Items will appear first just when the last level of the current version is completed, being the last game element to introduce. Heroes will be able to carry any two items.

Early Access

Undead Legions - Resurrection will be released as an early access title on Steam this summer. As soon as the item implementation works rock solid, we will add a few more levels in the next environment and then head straight towards an early access release. More details about that at a later time.