Now that we've redesigned the support spheres, we're pretty close to releasing the first preview version, VC01, i.e. the first vertical cut. This cut contains 18 levels with two Bossfights. You can play with the Gunner and the Rogue up to level 11, which means that you can already learn skills from the first two hero tiers. Playtesting is going on and we're fixing bugs and tweaking the content meanwhile.

While staying tuned, why not watch the awesome teaser?

The spheres have been redesigned from scratch. We elaborated a distinct base design for the different types of spheres (Support/Destruction/Fortress) and created a first version for the first two tiers. There's still room to improve, but we're already very happy with the result. Watch the video:

As you've probably already seen in the dev log, we've completely redesigned the level selection screen. Levels are now organized in a level tree and players are no longer forced to progress linearly through the game. There's still a main path that leads you through the game, but there will be several optional levels and maybe even optional paths of levels besides that main path.


As a start, we decided to make the Armageddon levels optional. They will give you a reward when completed, such as a unique Support Sphere. With doing so, we made sure to not force players to play and complete levels in different game modes when they don't want to. Depending on how far you take this, players can get really annoyed. We're happy to have that issue out of the way and we are already looking forward to design a whole bunch of such new game modes and extra levels along with many more challenging levels for the primary mode.

We added a dev log to the ULR game page that will be updated each week to give you a summary of what we have worked on in this week. As you might have noticed during the last few years, we are not very great at publishing articles on a regular basis. This lead to some people wondering if we're actually still working on anything at all. A quick and rough dev log is easy to do and will at least give you an impression of what is going on behind the scenes.

We made a plan how players will progress through the campaign mode, and added a new type of level: Armageddon!

Players will progress through ascending Tiers of levels. Every next Tier will come with a new type of environment, like the Forest, Ice World, Desert, and Swamp for now. The last two levels of a Tier will be a Boss Fight, followed by an Armageddon. An Armageddon has different rules: you start with a preset Support Sphere and you don't have access to your gold treasure. That means that you can only upgrade your Support Sphere with the gold you collect during the Armageddon. Also, heroes won't gain Xp.


Besides adding variety to the game, Armageddons will also be used to introduce new Support Sphere modules. In this case, it's the Fortification Module maxed out to Level 2 from start on. Utilizing this bonus will be crucial for being victorious. We also plan to offer special rewards for Armageddon levels.

Once you've mastered an Armageddon, you are ready for the next Tier of levels with new types of enemies, more mayhem, more power-ups, and yet more overall Undead destruction.