Undead Legions 2 is a fast paced and action packed top-down shooter combining Action-Rpg gameplay with Tower Defense elements. Build your characters, grind for items, upgrade your support sphere and stand up against neverending hordes of Undead. It is being developed since mid 2015 and is the successor of the XBLIG title Undead Legions, which was later also made available DRM free for PC on several platforms excluding Steam.


Undead Legions 2 Features
  • 4 different types of heroes: Gunner, Rogue, Mage, and Priestess
  • dozens of powerful hero specific skills
  • 40 collectable items in different rarities
  • many different types of upgradable support spheres providing power ups, healing capabilities, turrets, and more
  • special challenge levels with specific rules and unique game elements
  • challenging boss fights
  • a huge campaign
  • additional game modes


Who we are

We are a team of 2 individuals, Christian Werner and Sebastian Braun from Aachen in Germany. We founded Key17 Games in early 2012. Our first game that we officially released was Battlepaths, a turn-based, loot-centric 2D Rpg, which at first was an exclusive XBLIG title late 2012. It's available for Windows PC on Steam since May 2014. Undead Legions has been released on XBLIG and several non-Steam PC platforms in 2013 and since mid 2015, we are working on Undead Legions 2. 

Team Photo

Christian has a part-time job as software a developer and works the rest of his time on designing, coding, and marketing Undead Legions 2. Sebastian is fully employed as a software developer elsewhere, spending most of his free time working on the graphical game assets.

Screenshots and Title Asset

Download the whole bunch of zipped screenshots and the game title.


Request Press Copy

If you'd like a review copy, please mail to contact(,com (correctly spelled).


Video Policy

We grant anyone permission to make videos/Let's Plays/live streams of Undead Legions 2. We actually encourage you to do so, because Undead Legions 2 is a fantastic game. So what are you waiting for? Get your equipment together and start recording!


Gameplay Video - Fortress Sphere
Gameplay Video - Destruction Sphere
Free Lightbox Gallery