We made a plan how players will progress through the campaign mode, and added a new type of level: Armageddon!

Players will progress through ascending Tiers of levels. Every next Tier will come with a new type of environment, like the Forest, Ice World, Desert, and Swamp for now. The last two levels of a Tier will be a Boss Fight, followed by an Armageddon. An Armageddon has different rules: you start with a preset Support Sphere and you don't have access to your gold treasure. That means that you can only upgrade your Support Sphere with the gold you collect during the Armageddon. Also, heroes won't gain Xp.


Besides adding variety to the game, Armageddons will also be used to introduce new Support Sphere modules. In this case, it's the Fortification Module maxed out to Level 2 from start on. Utilizing this bonus will be crucial for being victorious. We also plan to offer special rewards for Armageddon levels.

Once you've mastered an Armageddon, you are ready for the next Tier of levels with new types of enemies, more mayhem, more power-ups, and yet more overall Undead destruction.