22.08.2015 – Getting On Toward Kickstarter

Development of the Undead Legions – Resurrection goes on and we have just finished implementing all the features that we want to present in our Kickstarter campaign. Players will be able to create their own levels and share them via the Steam Workshop. During the upcoming alpha and beta phases, selected users will be able to create their own levels, some of which will be included in the final release version. Stay tuned if you don’t want to miss your opportunity!

09.06.2015 – Remastering of Undead Legions

For quite some time now, we have paused the development of Battlepaths Ultimate and instead worked on the new awesome Undead Legions which has been greenlit at the beginning of the year. Due to the fact, that the classic Undead Legions is already available on non-Steam PC platforms and XBox 360 for over 2 years now, and due to the sheer amount of new game elements and content, we decided to declare this game the official successor of Undead Legions, Undead Legions – Resurrection. It effectively is much more of a totally new game rather than just a polished version for Steam. There are many new game elements, one of which are powerful magic circles that will help you fight endless hordes of yet more undead scum. These circles can be upgraded in many ways, you’ll even be able to install turrets to increase your firepower. Heroes can level up and will learn special powers along their way. There will be tons of unlockable content and we will make sure that the game continues to grow even after release by adding more types of magic circles, more power-ups, new types of enemies, and … well, more of everything!

Of course, we’ll get our hands back on Battlepaths Ultimate some time in the near future and we are pretty sure that it will live up to its name in every way. Stay tuned!